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Mt. Pleasant Pilates and Wellness
320 W. Coleman Blvd. Suite M
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The Shops Of Mount Pleasant
Near Barre Evolution

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"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young"
-Joseph Pilates



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Mt. Pleasant Pilates & Wellness serves the Charleston area and is conveniently located at 320 W. Coleman Blvd. and is easily accessible to Mt. Pleasant, Downtown Charleston, Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms & Daniel Island. We offer private and semi-private apparatus Pilates. Our small group classes are offered 6 days a week from 7 am to 8 pm by appointment only. 

Class size is limited to ensure individual attention, safety, and faster results. Our instructors are comprehensively trained and are well versed in working with students with special conditions as well as avid athletes. We adhere to a rigorous continuing education schedule so we can safely and effectively advance our understanding of anatomy and it's functional relationship to movement.

In addition, Mt. Pleasant Pilates & Wellness owner, Nicole Wallen, launched MPP sister studio and the first dedicated Barre Fitness Method in Charleston, Barre Evolution in 2010. Barre Evolution is also located in The Shops of Mt. Pleasant at 320 W. Coleman Blvd. and classes fuse ballet, Pilates, Yoga and Orthopedic stretching and have been wildly popular in New York City, Connecticut & San Francisco since the late 70's.

Our Mission

The Mt. Pleasant Pilates program is based on the principle that before working the peripheral parts of the body, the center needs to be strong and stable. We believe in a safe, systematic and integrated approach to Pilates training, where a client has the ability to follow a system of exercises utilizing different apparatus. Our approach completely changes a person’s body, rids them of the chronic weaknesses they have suffered from and makes teaching much easier.

The ReformerPilates was originally developed with the understanding that the center/core of the body is where the initiation of movement should come from. Flexibility, range of motion and a long lean body will result. The true education in Pilates is about giving clients the tools they need to go beyond short-term superficial approaches so they can make fundamental changes in healthy living that are sustainable over time.

What Can Pilates Do For You?

- Long, lean muscles
- Increased flexibility
- Relief from back, neck & muscle pain
- Improved posture & body awareness
- Increased strength & vitality
- Increased ENERGY!

Fast Results

Want to sculpt your abdominal core, thighs, buttocks and lower back? Within just a few sessions, you will notice your body tightening, lengthening and slimming down. Your posture will improve while any back pain or muscle tightness subside. Your energy level will increase dramatically and you will begin to move with more confidence. 

Pilates For Every Age & Fitness Level

The Pilates Method is designed for everyone from dancers and professional athletes and because of Pilates foundation in rehab, it is particularly appropriate for those experiencing conditions brought on by maturity. Sessions may rehabilitate injuries, elongate and slim the body while easing tension brought on by other high impact exercise. Pilates will benefit everyone from teens to elderly men and women.

Backache? Pilates Is The Answer

Most chronic lower back issues are a result of weak core muscles. Pilates strengthens the body's core so the spine can be more supported and stronger for daily activities. Increased stength helps you stand taller & creates adequate space between the vertebrae allowing for normal nerve function.

The Mt. Pleasant Pilates & Wellness Approach

The trend today is toward a more sensible, balanced approach to health & wellness. People understand they don't have to pump & jump their way to increased fitness. Those who pound the pavement are noticing their joints and backs are not what they used to be. Add stressful careers and family demands to the mix and people are left feeling burnt out. For those looking for an effective, yet gentle wellness solution, Mt. Pleasant Pilates & Wellness offers a holistic, mind-body alternative.

An ECO Conscious Studio

At Mt. Pleasant Pilates our goal is to offer you the highest quality Pilates instruction, where you can indulge in a healthier space with a minimum impact on your natural surroundings.

Eco Elements at Mt. Pleasant Pilates include:

  • Recycling binds are located in the bathroom.
  • The paint in the studio is Low “Volatile Organic Compound” Paint, or Low VOC, meaning it’s non-toxic.
  • The sealants in the studio are also Low VOC. 
  • The towels used in the studio are 100% organic cotton. Pesticides used in standard cotton growing accounts for 10% of the world’s pesticide use and 25% of the world’s insecticide use, both known carcinogens.

Convenient Childcare

Drop the kids at Play Garden next door and enjoy a special $8 rate for 75 minutes when attending a class.

There are educational games, arts and crafts, homework help, storytelling, a preschool curriculum, Lego building & kids’ yoga.

Reservations: 843-606-2716 

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New to Pilates?

If you are new to Pilates apparatus/equipment work, you are required to take 2-3 private appointments before entering a semi-private/group class.

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